Why Freelancer?

iBIM Village enables owners from all over the world to submit their project in 2D design format and based on the standards of their geographical location in the price range and time of their choice on the iBIM Village site platform and finally, get all kinds of BIM services from freelance specialists from different parts of the world with the quality they want.

BEP System

In the initial stage, after creating the BEP and creating the smart contract under the client’s demand, the modelers offer the time and cost along with their resume to the owners based on their experiences. Owners select person or team according to these suggestions and validator, then the modeling begins under the supervision of the validator.

The BIM services standards considered by the owners are specified with BEP (BIM execution plan) , which can be provided by the owners or automatically generated with different levels of detail by system acc. to EIR (Employer’s Information Requirements)

All the necessary documents for preparing the model, including 2D drawings, agendas, schedules, BEP, etc. are uploaded in the CDE environment and approved by the validator. After that, the download option is activated for the modeler, and after preparing the model, the modeler uploads it step by step on order to confirm the validator in the project profile, and finally delivers it to the client in the same way.

Score system

Every premium user able to rate others on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. They can also choose to add a written review, which is optional. Every user has a summary rating which is always displayed alongside the username. Modellers also have a separate rating for each skill which allows a potential employer to determine the skills of the modellers in more detail, making the process of finding the correct modeller easier.
As mentioned, modellers also have a separate skill rating for every skill individually, because an overall rating wouldn’t tell much about the modeller’s capabilities in certain skills. The skill rating is calculated the same way as the overall rating with the only difference being that a new rating only gets added to the skill if the skill was part of the job.
There are always people which try to push their ratings to make deceitful actions.

iBIMvillage Token

IBIM is a utility token that is based on the Polygon and uses the Proof of Stake consensus model. iBIMvillage’s native cryptocurrency, by offering a peer-to-peer payment service, it eliminates the need for third-party middlemen and centralized financial organizations.
IBIM is open source, which ensures that anybody can inspect the code at any time and make suggestions for improvements. The decision to make the coin open source was made to promote unrestricted development, creativity, and community participation.


IBIM is the native token of the iBIMvillage platform that has 3 main functions:


IBIM is used to incentivise modellers in the latform to produce the best environment for modelling contest events. Also, there are periodic reward base events to choose the trusted modeler and validators.


Holders of IBIM gathered as the IBIM Council in specific time periods, which is responsible for the platform future changes. Also, emergency calls could be issued and will be available in specific circumstances for the community.


In workflow mechanism, the main and economic payment transaction methods between employer and modelers is BIM token. After creation of any projects by employer an exclusive smart contract will be dedicated to the project payments.

iBIMvillageXR = AR+VR+MR

Extended Reality (XR) is an all-encompassing term that includes Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR).
XR will probably influence our daily lives soon, rather than being surprised by this technology, it may be interesting to learn about iBIMvillage advantages.
Immersive technologies are getting more and more affordable by ‘learning by doing’ strategy. These tools require ibimvillage guidance and support, especially for modellers who need special attention to learn. XR can improve our validators motivation, feed their curiosity with interactive contents, offer them another way to understand a concept.

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